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Multiple accounts on .gitconfig

Let's assume a scenario where you have personal github account and another account for git at work. And you clone all your work related repositories at D:\MyWorkFolder.In such scenarios, create a dedicated git for work as .gitconfig_work at the same location where your .gitconfig located. Generally it is located at %USERPROFILE% folder in windows. Update your .gitconfig to have si…

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Delete all commit history in GitHub

Problem Scenario: You want to delete all commit history but keep the code in its current state.
Solution: To achieve this, follow below steps through command line.
Step 1: Checkout to some new branch
git checkout --orphan new_branch Step 2: Add all the files
git add -A Step 3: Commit the changes
git commit -am "commit message" Step 4: Delete the master branch
git branch -D master Step 5…

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Create Self-Signed Certificate (.cer & .pfx)

Steps to create self signed certificate on Windows:
Open visual studio Developer Command Prompt as administrator  Execute below mentioned commands in sequential order. It will create a certificate with SHA.256 algorithm.You can modify parameters as per your requirements.
Command format:makecert –a SHA256 -sv SAMPLE.pvk -n "cn=SAMPLE" SAMPLE.cer -b <start_date&…

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Keeping a fork up-to-date on GitHub

When you are contributing to an open source repository on GitHub, you are allowed to make pull request only through forked repository. In that case, you will always need to keep your fork updated/in-sync with origin/master. You can follow below approach through command line to do that:
Clone your fork from Origin
git clone [email protected]:YOUR-USERNAME/YOUR-FORKED-REPO.gitJump to the root direct…

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File comparision with Visual Studio Code

VS Code aka Visual Studio Code is one of the FREE, Open Source, lightweight and excellent code editor with several exciting features developed by Microsoft. One of them is comparing two files. Suppose you want to compare two XML file or CSV file or anything similar then you can use VS Code.
Here are the steps to compare two files:
Keep two files (say File1 and File2) in a folderOpen that folder i…

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Customizing & Branding MasterPage in SharePoint Hosted App / Add-In

Option 1: Set your own master page (for heavy customization & branding)Create your custom master page, ex- bipul.masterCreate a Module 'MasterPage' in your project to add the master page that you just created aboveAdd your custom master page to this modulemodify the elements.xml in 'MasterPage' module as below and dont forget to replace your master page name in the code<…

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PowerShell Automation for SharePoint Online

PowerShell based Automations for bulk operations in SharePoint Online using Microsoft PnP Packages. Bulk data is stored in XML or CSV files as per required.

Read here for complete code and instructions:

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Performance enhancement tips while using CAML Query in SharePoint

Putting a lot of design customization, custom codes on SharePoint may cause several performance issues. But the main challenge for a developer is to fulfill all the feasible business requirement of client without hitting down the performance. Enhancing performance cannot be done in single step. In fact, at every step of coding you need to take care of it. You need to review every single line of …

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Configuring SharePoint without Active Directory Account

When you are installing SharePoint (2016 or 2013) on your development machine outside any organization's network, you will not be having any Active Directory account to complete the SharePoint configuration wizard. In such scenario, If you try to configure SharePoint, an error will prompt saying that you cannot configure a SharePoint Farm with a local account.

To resolve this issue, there is…

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