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Creating Windows Universal App using a Responsive Website

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In Windows10 Universal App, you can create your app using JavaScript & HTML. But, assume a case when you have already a web application/ website which is responsive and you want to load it as an Universal App. Here is what i am explaining, how to create such app. Its very simple and straight forward. Follow these steps --

Step - 1: Create a Windows Universal App in JavaScript using Visual Studio
Step - 2: Delete these files/folders - css, js, WinJS, default.html
Step - 3: Edit Manifest file appropriately by replacing your website URL (Line 32- 36) as --


        <uap:Rule Match="" Type="include" WindowsRuntimeAccess="all"/>
Step - 4: Replace appropriate images for App with the same size and same name in image folder.
Step - 4: Save, Build, Deploy and Test.

For reference, I have published demo code to GIT-Hub.

Here i have created a sample app for my website which is now live in Windows Store:

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