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Starting Development on Windows 10 IOT Core on Raspberry Pie

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Windows 10 IoT Core brings the power of Windows to your device and makes it easy to integrate richer experiences with your devices such as natural user interfaces, searching, online storage and cloud based services. You can install Windows 10 IOT core on several development boards including the popular one - "Raspberry Pie". In this blog i will briefly mention step by step along with links containing detailed instructions with screenshots to start development on these IOT devices.

You can follow these steps to start development on Windows IOT on Raspberry Pie 2:
  1. Hardware prerequisites:
    • Raspberry Pie 2
    • Adapter to power Raspberry Pie
    • LAN Cable
    • SD Card ( 8 - 16 GB would be better)
    • FEZ HAT ( Another hardware containing sensors etc. which is connected on top of Raspberry Pie). FEZ HAT is preferred for beginners as it contains various basic sensors including temperature sensor.
  2. Setting up PC for development:
  3. Flashing / Installing Windows 10 IOT core on Raspberry Pie 2
  4. Start development on Visual Studio and Observe outputs. You have choice to use several programming languages including C# and JavaScript
  5. [ Optional ] - Several features of Microsoft Azure Cloud like Azure service bus and Azure Stream Analytics can be integrated with Raspberry Pie to develop IOT Apps
  6. Code Samples to work on Raspberry Pie2 with Azure on Windows 10 IO
The above given code samples works fine as i have executed all these as a part of lab session at Microsoft IOT DevCamp.

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